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I was born in 1946 in Kayseri, Turkey. My father, Hasan Dayigurepik, who was also a painter and sculptor gave me the first courses in art. In 1965 I entered Istanbul Fine Arts Academy, sculpture department and had the chance to be a student of Zuhtu Muridoglu. Unfortunately, I had to quit school since I started working at a government institution. Being a mother again postponed my return to art. Finally in 1991 I managed to return to art and received awards from Denizli Kiz Meslek Lisesi in fabric, porcelain and glass painting joining exhibitons in these subjects.

In 1993 I worked with Cevdet Semsioglu in his last years at Denizli Fine Arts Gallery. I would like to mention that Purnaz HasdemirCelal Gunaydin, the gallery manager had made very helpful contributions to my studies there.

Between 1995 and 1999 I worked with Ali Riza Kirkan, on contemporary painting at Izmir Turgut Pura Foundation . I participated in group exhibitions with Tayf Group which was established in 1999.

Currently I continue painting in my own studio at home in ─░zmir and in Bodrum. My former paintings can be interpreted to be influenced by classicism whereas subsequent works are rather impressionistic.

Purnaz (Dayigurepik) Hasdemir

I would like to thank Bilge Kurt Torun for her contribution, Guven Ince and Baris Hasdemir, for designing and developing my web exhibition.

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